How to Decorate a Foyer Style


How to decorate a foyer – An attractive lobby does not have to be big; all you need is a welcoming room to greet the guests and take your shoes and jacket. The foyer reflects the style of the rest of the house and is decorated with things that showcase your personal style. Paint the foyer walls in a color that matches the adjoining rooms. Consider painting an accent wall in a coordinating color to highlight a hub as a painting. install, easy to clean, resilient floors if your budget allows; slate, terrazzo or ceramic tile stand up the trail in water and dirt and are good choices.

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How to decorate a foyer; place a non-slip carpet at the front door for you and your guests to dry your shoes. Ideally, find a rug that has colors and patterns to match the rest of the foyer. Arrange a few comfortable pieces of furniture in the foyer. A console table or small desk is a convenient place to put keys or items you will take with you when you leave. Place a bench or chair in the room giving a place to sit and put your shoes on. Install an attractive lamp or chandelier. This is a great way to put the decorative style into space. Add a comfortable lamp to the table that can stand on when you’re gone in the evening.

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How to decorate a foyer, accessories and customize the room by adding illustrations, a mirror, framed family photos, a tray to hold the mail or an umbrella stand filled with a few umbrellas for a rainy day. Adding the right touchier can unite the style, but avoid mess room with way too many items. Add life to the room with a potted plant or flowers to create a fresh feeling that looks forward to you and your guests every time you walk through the front door.


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