How To Clean Live Edge Dining Room Table


How To Clean Live Edge Dining Room Table – Live edge dining room table furniture has a special place in every home it is give look elegance for dining room. This live edge dining room table usually made from wooden. A live edge dining room table has probably had a lot of uses and need proper cleaning. Ova ram handling can not only damage the appearance, but also devalue live edge dining room table. Make sure your live edge dining room table furniture cleaning methods restore the beauty so you can enjoy the pieces for many years to come

Begin cleaning live edge dining room table with the least invasive method. Dust whole piece with a soft cotton strainer, remove dirt and particles. Use a soft toothbrush to clean between cracks. To remove further gloom, take a cloth and moisten it with lukewarm water and a mild vegetable-based soap mixture. Do not use a dishwasher or laundry soap as it may leave a film behind it. Be extra careful with areas that have gold or silver leaf gilding. The parts should only be wiped off with a soft cloth, not water. Run a damp cloth quickly over the surface. Continue to twist over cloth to avoid dirt transfer to other sections. Repeat with clear water. Avoid getting wet areas that are cracked or exposed. Wipe completely dry.

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If live edge dining room table have wax build-up and a thin layer of dirt that just does not disappear, try using an oil and abrasive combination, such as paraffin oil and pumice stone, along with a finest steel sheet wool pad. Put the pumice stone in a small jar and the oil in another container. Dip steel wool into the oil and then wipe off. Just clean as much as the surface needs. Scratching too hard or too long in an area will make it look dull looking. Polish with lemon oil or furniture wax, if desired.


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