How to Clean Kong Dog Bed


Kong dog bed – Your dog spends a lot of the time he is at home in his bed and it is not surprising that it gives off unpleasant odors or spoils the aesthetics of the home by the amount of dirt it has. In addition to creating discomfort at home, a dirty bed adversely affects the health of your dog since it is sleeping and resting on a huge amount of bacteria that can cause serious illness. Bathing your dog is important to keep it healthy and ensure that your home stays clean, but it’s no use if you do not do the same with your bed. In general, the dog bed is reduced to two types, foam beds or wicker beds with mattress. In both cases the cleaning mode is the same since the mattresses of the wicker beds are also filled with foam.

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The first thing we must do to clean the Kong dog bed is to separate the different parts of the bed and remove the covers that cover the foam of the bed and the mattress. They usually have a zipper that allows removing the foam. This step is important because the covers and foam should always be cleaned separately. Once everything is separated, we will start with the covers. Probably the cover of your dog’s bed will be full of hairs, so first we have to get rid of them. You can do it with a vacuum cleaner, special roller to remove the hairs of the dog or shaking if you do not have any of the previous utensils.

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Clean Kong dog bed, when you have removed all the hairs from the holster, you can start to clean the difficult spots, if you have them. To do this, you must identify the type of fabric of the sheath and the origin of the stain. Here’s a list of tips and tricks to remove stains from clothing. When you have removed all the stains, put the cover in the washing machine. Use hot water to disinfect it (unless the washing label indicates otherwise) and a mild detergent.


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