How to Clean a Rusty Brass Fireplace Screen


Brass fireplace screens are beautiful, but they are also quite susceptible to rust. For this reason, especially if you save the screen during the hot months, you will probably need to use some serious time cleaning screen when falling coming. Do not wait until it’s too cold to do this work outside, as you will find that the process is much messier when done in the kitchen sink. And if there is a lot of rust, do not worry. Just because brass cannot take steel wool does not mean that your fire screen is broken. In fact, the answer to your problems is right in your refrigerator

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Ideas for clean a rusty brass fireplace screen, prepare your cleaning area. Distribute sheets onto a terrace or in a clean area on grass. You can sit on the sheet and place the screen on the sheet for easy cleaning. Mix up a detergent. Use a cup of coarse salt and a cup of lemon juice to scrub the whole screen with nylon scrubber. Lemon juice and salt will create a moist salt scrub that will remove dirt, dirt and most of the rust from the screen without scraping metal. Scrub the screen with lemon treatment. Moisten your scrub with water when necessary but strongly add lemon juice and salt for best results. Rinse the screen periodically to prevent salt from binders and allow you to see where you still need work. You will need to wipe out areas of the screen so that more rust does not form while working.

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Then to clean a rusty brass fireplace screen, attack stubborn rust spots with a toothbrush and Worcestershire sauce. Deep toothbrush in the sauce and apply it using a fixed pressure and circular scrub movements for rust spots. If necessary, leave the sauce on the stains for up to 15 minutes before refreshing treatment and scrub it all out. Wipe the entire screen. First use a damp cloth to get rid of all lemon juice and other solutions, so use a dry cloth to prevent further rust formation. Now you’re ready to enjoy your beautiful, shining brass display.


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