How to Choose Dog Beds


Dog beds – If you want to buy a cushion for your dog you may feel a little disoriented by the variety of offers you can find. Obviously you can easily choose the color you like best, the best that goes with the room or the one that most resembles your pet’s coat, so you do not see the hairs so much until the day of cleaning! Here we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of bed to help you in the final decision. It is important that the bed is easy to wash. This task is simpler if the bed is removable so that it can be put into the washing machine. On some models only the mattress can be drawn, but not the edges. There are very warm beds with lamb or polar mattresses, which are well washable, dry quickly but it is difficult to remove the adhered hairs.

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On the other hand, synthetic leather or canvas are not so soft, but can be washed even with a damp cloth or brush. The waterproof fabrics preserve mattress moisture and odor and are easy to wash. These also hinder the proliferation of bacteria and are generally hypoallergenic. Here you must take into account the size of your dog, because the better weight should be the quality of the filling so that the bed is really comfortable. A small puppy can sleep comfortably on almost any mattress; It can be made of cut foam or even synthetic fleece, which is very soft and fluffy. Larger dogs require thicker mattresses or high-density foam boards. For them, special high-tech polyurethane foam has been used for pillows and orthopedic dog beds.

The type nest mattresses dog beds are ideal for dogs who like to curl up, those who move around a lot, like puppies, or for those who support his head on a pillow. The edges of the nest offer shelter and a soft surface to rest the head or body without falling from the mattress. Dogs that have some difficulty to move will be better on a rectangular or oval mattress without high edges. This allows them to get in and out without stumbling, especially when they have rested for many hours and their joints are numb. Finally, if you allow your dog to lie down on the couch or in bed, you can choose to place a blanket on the cushions to prevent the upholstery from ruining your hair and dirt.

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