How to Change an Overhead Shower Head


Overhead shower head – If you update your bathroom decor or to remove a task from the task list home improvement, you do not have to call a professional handyman to change an overhead shower. No matter what type of shower you are buying, you can change an overhead shower without reading hours of home improvement books or taking classes. In fact, changing the shower head typically takes about 20 minutes as described on the website, home and garden ideas. Just remember to do some important tasks like closing the water.

Turn that water supply. Before changing the overhead shower head, wrap the plumber’s tape around the top of a pair of adjustable pliers to prevent them from damaging the new and old hardware. Put the pliers where the shower is connected to the water pipe. Do not keep turning until the shower head drops. Instead, use your hand to screw the loosened shower head until it separates from the shower stall. Dry the shower with a cloth before installing the new shower head. If the strain has debris, apply corrosion or buildup, either paint thinner or white vinegar to rag before wiping the stalk. The style must be dry and clean to the new shower head.

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Snow plumber is loose around the end of the shower head stalk. You can also use pipes common compound. If you use plumber is tape, use only enough to drawl around once or twice. Put new shower head on the shower stalk, and then manually turn. Keep turning until the new shower head feels secure. So secure use pliers to make quarter turns until the shower head is fixed. Turn water back to your shower. Check if the new shower head is exhausted. If you cannot see water leak, then you’re done. But if you notice drip, turn off the water. With seaweed, make the quarters switch to tighten the shower head to the stem. Turn on the water and check for leaks. Repeat the process until you feel no leaks coming from the new overhead shower head.

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