How to Arrange Furniture in a Long Narrow Living Room


How to arrange furniture in a long narrow living room – A long and narrow room becomes a challenge when decorating. The mission is to make the space look wider and wider, creating several separate environments correctly. There are many long and narrow rooms that look like a magazine, so this challenge is not impossible. The first thing you should know when decorating long, narrow rooms is that the side walls should be painted in a light color. Light colors make these spaces look wider, while dark colors or vinyl in eye-catching tones will make the room look even smaller and narrower. You can paint the background wall a dark shade so the space will look less long.

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How to arrange furniture in a long narrow living room diy? Think and decide what the functionality of this space is. Do you want a room to receive visitors and a dining room? Do you want a living room with TV? Do you want a lounge and a bar? It is best to choose two and up to three functions and divide them according to their use. You can separate environments by placing a sofa in front, so that the backrest serves as a division between one area and another.

When distributing the space, it is important to consider how the people will be transported in them, that you can easily move from one place to another and that there is no furniture or object that makes it difficult to move freely. Try to create your own path from one place to another taking into account that this should not interfere with television, furniture, bars and tables. It is best to choose the right side of the room and leave a straight path to walk through it.

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How to arrange furniture in a long narrow living room at home? I preferred medium sized furniture, avoid buying the largest sofa in the store so it does not look tight between the two walls and does not interfere with the passage. Also, opt for light colors so that the room does not look narrower. If you like colorful decorations dale color decorating with accessories like paintings, blankets, books, plates, mirrors. Decorating with cushions is always a beautiful option.


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