How Re-Dye Faux Leather Futon


Faux leather futon – Leather futons can last for years, perhaps leading to their popularity as an option of luxury seating. But a quality piece of furniture can still show its age, especially after many years of service. Porter can be in the form of faded color, crack or peel. You can repair this damage by re-dye the futon with specially created dyes for leather. Clean the leather futon thoroughly with warm, soapy water and a sponge. Remove the cushions from the futon, and clean them as well. All traces of oil, grease, dirt and other debris should be cleaned from the leather, or the dye will not adhere properly.

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Apply a coat of leather preparation solution with a soft cloth, rubbing the surface of the faux leather futon firmly to open the pores of the material. Be sure to cover the entire sofa. Areas that are not prepared will probably abort the leather dye. Let the leather dry completely, a process that usually takes about 15 minutes to an hour. Sand the leather lightly, using very gentle pressure. Applying too much pressure on the sandpaper will result in unsightly deep scratches and abraded areas of the leather you want to avoid. Pass the areas close to the seams of the sofa, as sandblasting can cause the yarns to fray prematurely. Wipe the sanding dust from the leather sofa with a damp cloth and allow the leather to dry.

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Apply a light coat of faux leather futon color with an applicator brush, using regular long shots. Rather than trying to cover the entire area with a thick layer of color, apply several thin layers for better coverage. Let the leather dry completely between layers of color, so you can measure the darkness of the color and determine if another layer should be applied.


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