How Much Fabric Will I Need To Cover a Double Recliner Sofa


Double recliner sofa – Calculation of the amount of fabric you need to make a cover for a double recliner sofa can be the hardest part of the project. Use a flexible tape measure to follow the curves of the sofa for accurate measurements. That helps you buy the right amount of fabric. So, get an accurate measurement of the double recliner sofa by measuring the length and width of the body. And then the length and width of the armrest. Increase the body width by 12 inches to accommodate the seams. Eat around the seat cushions and the front lower arm area. Increase the body length by 12 inches to accommodate seams and adjustments; you may need to do around the foot rest. This extra length also gives a certain amount of lethargy.

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So when you dodge around the seat cushions, the reclined backrest does not put pressure on the cover. Increase both arm measurements by 2 inches to accommodate seams. Double recliner sofa slip cover has three pieces; body piece and two arm pieces. The body part fits the main part of the couch from the floor to the backing floor and across the width of the pillow area. Each arm piece fits the body piece at each end before sewing up the edge seams to complete the cover. Next, calculate the amount of fabric you need for the double recliner sofa cover. These by dividing the fabric width and length of a yard in the total measured size of each piece of the cover. One yard of fabric is 36 inches.

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The width of decorator fabric is 60 inches. Which works better than the standard 44 – inch wide bolts of fabric that require patchwork body cover to get the right size. Last, consider getting your double recliner sofa fabric from a store that offers the wide width decorator fabrics instead of standard sewing fabrics. The width of decorator fabric is usually large enough for the body part of the cover and tends to be more durable than the fabric. Decorator fabric is commonly used for re-padding projects and draperies. And also gives you many options for color and print design. Add 1 yard to the total amount of fabric calculated. So that you have a little extra for adjustments.

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