Home Theater Couch Living Room Furniture Set


Home Theater Couch Living Room Furniture – Do you want to distribute or improve the design of your room and do not know how to do it? Do not worry! Here we tell you how you can do it. Many times when we move to a new home or we are thinking about building our own house we think about the design of rooms, here we want to give you a little guide on the different arrangements for the design of your room.

Today we have a super subject and a great article that will surely please you all, how many times have we moved from home? Do you think about the design of your own home? We may have asked ourselves these questions, we will begin a series of articles where we will talk about the design of each space in particular. As we all know the room is the letter of introduction of our house, is where we receive our visitors and the design of the living room says a lot of the owner or who lives in that house. So here we give you a few options so you can better distribute the home theater couch living room furniture in your house.

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We observe a prototype of distribution very suitable especially for those houses that have large windows in front or that enjoy a privileged view, in this example we observe a room with 3 furniture: One of 3 places, another one of two and a small Armchair for a single person, we also have a rectangular center table (which can also be circular). The best thing in all designs is to leave a space of minimum 1 meter for circulation, may be less or more depending on our space, but remember that we must be able to move in comfort and avoid obstacles. This option for the type of furniture and its distribution would cover approximately between 10 and 15 square meters.

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We can see another example as to the distribution and the size of the home theater couch living room furniture. Approximately and the minimum that occupies the space of a square in a furniture of room are 70 centimeters. From there we can find different sizes depending on the type of design.



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