Headboard Contemporary King Bedroom Sets


Contemporary King Bedroom Sets – A fabric headboard is a perfect complement to the warm and cozy bedroom. Choose a thick and sturdy fabrics such as suede or linen as this will help you to reduce visible clumps and wrinkles. A typical double is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. You want your headboard to either match the size of, or be slightly wider than the bed. Add buttons to the end to create a professional tufted look that will dress up your bedroom. Trim a piece of ¾-inch plywood to match the dimensions you want for your headboard. The headboard should sit about two inches below the top of the bed. It can extend up the wall as high as you want as long as there are no windows or other obstacles.

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Cut padding with a utility knife to the same dimensions as plywood. Set padding on top of plywood. Decide where you want to add tufted buttons. Mark the spots on the upholstery with a marker. Drill a hole through the plywood and padding in those areas. Place the fabric right side down on a table. Set padding on top of the fabric and the padding and plywood on top of the batting. Trim the fabric so that it will lay over the back of the headboard with one inch of excess material. Fold fabric up and over the top of plywood. Place a staple every six inches. Do the same on the bottom of the headboard contemporary king bedroom sets.

Fold the fabric on the right edge of the gable top of plywood and hold it in place with one hand. Use the other hand to smooth the fabric and neaten the corners. Staple the fabric to the plywood. Repeat these efforts on the left side. Turn the end of his side and lean it against a chair so that you can reach both the front and back. Use your fingertips to locate the holes for tufted buttons. Thread a quilting needle and driving the needle through the holes at the back of the headboard contemporary king bedroom sets. Attach a button with the predrilled holes. Drag the button tight from the back to create tufting. Repeat for all holes and buttons.

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