Hardened Glass Writing Desk


Glass writing desk – Building a hardened glass desk from the bottom takes some lawn drainage. Building your own desk is not only fun, it is rewarding. The feeling you get when sitting at a desk you’re joining is one of realization. There are a lot of patterns on the internet, but if you look around your house you can find everything you need. Everything you can build and put together will save you money. The trick is to keep the project simple and know your own mechanical constraints. Look around your house for an old door made from solid wood. Many older houses have exterior doors of maple, mahogany or oak. These doors are solid pieces of wood and look incredibly artsy under tempered glass. Purchasing a door for this project is expensive as a massive mahogany exterior dies 30 by 80 inches costs an average of 699 dollars. If you cannot find a door in your basement, ask your neighbors and friends if they have one. Remove handle and hinges.

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Glass writing desk, search for a couple of two-drawer archive cabinets. The cupboards are at the bottom of the home-made desk. The massive wooden door will sit on top of the two filed cabinets with hardened glass lying flat on the door. Purchasing 2 file ships is cheaper than buying a new desktop. If you cannot find 2 file ships, go to your local store and pick up a pair. Use a wood finish as it will match wood door better than metal.

Buy a piece of tempered glass on your local hardware dealer. The measurement for the average wood door is 30 x 80 inches. Buy a piece of tempered glass of the same measurement. It is important to have edges and rounded corners and smoothed. Glass breaks and chips easily. Rounding edges and corners of tempered glass preserve its use. Set file cabinets 3 to 4 meters apart where you want the desktop. When filing cabinets are in place, put wood on top of them; the door is the desk and hardened glass goes on top. You now have a functional homemade hardened glass writing desk.

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