Hanging Entryway Shelf Ideas


The most important factor when hanging entryway shelf is to attach it to your wall spikes. Anchoring your wall rack will keep it from collapsing from the weight. A simple method of installation would be to hang your hanging entryway shelf like a wall cabinet. Driving screws through the shelf braces will achieve this. Measure the width of the shelf and write it down so you do not forget it, then use your stud search to find at least two buds that you can secure your shelf to. Use two buds that are furthest apart. On the first stud, position the measure from the floor up to the desired height to the top of the shelf and make a pencil mark. Follow the same procedure with the other stud location. You must have two marks on the wall exactly the same height. Use your level or a ruler and draw a straight line between the two trademarks. Place your level to the wall of the line to ensure that your trademarks are the same height. When you hang your rack, you can use this line to help make sure it’s in the water.

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Hanging entryway shelf, ask two people to hold the rack on the wall and make sure the top is level with the line you are tracking. While your assistants keep the rack driven a 2-inch nail in each stud directly below the bottom of the rack. This procedure will allow the weight of the shelf to rest on the nails and not your helpers.

Ideas for hanging entryway shelf use your variable speed drill and a drill that is a size smaller or thinner than your wooden screws to drill holes in the shelf braces. Shelf belts are located on the back of your shelf directly below each shelf. Complete this step on each shine and on each side of the entryway shelf. Pilot holes should be drilled in the location of the wall knobs. When drilling your pilot holes you make sure to drill all the way through the rail board. This will keep the board from splitting when inserting the screws.

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