Hanging a Wall Mount Mirror


Wall mount mirror – Sheetrock is the material that is placed on a wall before it is sewn. Many older houses have sheetrock walls. Hanging a heavy mirror on a wall sheetrock first requires selecting a spot on the wall where the mirror is aesthetically appealing. The mirror should be leveled and anchored in the wall so it will not fall. To accomplish this task you will need a drill, one level plug and someone to help keep the mirror. Use a water pass to make sure the mirror is leveled evenly. One level is a straight with a glass tray filled with liquid.

There is an air bubble in the tray and two vertical lines printed on the glass. When the bubble is between the two lines, the article level is. Use a pen to mark the location of the hooks that hold the wall mount mirror. Usually there are two placed on the bottom and two at the top of the mirror. Drill holes in the wall where the marks are located, using an electric drill. The drill you use should be dimensioned so that the wall anchor will be inserted into the holes. Make sure the holes are drilled at a 90 degree angle to the wall.

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Insert a plug into the holes. Point the anchor lightly with a hammer until they are level with the surface of the wall. The anchors should have been attached. Fit the two lower brackets using a drill bit with a driver a little. Screw the fasteners into the anchor with the open part of the bracket upwards. Do not override the screws in the anchor, or you can dress them off. Place the wall mount mirror in the bottom brackets. Install top brackets in anchor with the open part of the bracket downward at the beginning of the mirror.


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