Hang Purple Curtains for Bedroom with Sheer


Purple curtains for bedroom – The shade of purple is used influences the style of your room. Dark purple tends to be rich and sumptuous, indicating a room with a sophisticated, more formal, style. Lilac and lavender are the lighter tones with a cool and more feminine feel. Hang curtains with sheers to add both privacy and a touch of elegance to your space. Sheers are cheap alternatives to the shades or blinds, and add a softness in the heavy drapes that really balances out the room atmosphere. Here is how to hang curtains and sheer polish with a professional look. Decide which type of rod is best for your space, look you are going for and your kind sheers and drapes.

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A single push rod which hangs like a shower curtain rod in the window frame. Clean rod mounted above and outside the window frame but only sits about a half to one inch from the wall. These come in traditionally fitted styles with magnetic fasteners that facilitate assembly. Creating a double purple curtains for bedroom rod where the sheers hanging from a bar in the same brackets as your curtain rod between the curtains and the window. If you select push rods, installation is easy and requires no tools. The other two major types, according to the directions on the package for mounting plate above your window frame.

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Hang purple curtains for bedroom, use ruler or tape measure then mark the wall above and outside the window frame where you want to install the brackets. Be sure to consider how long your drapes and sheers. Using the mounting screw holes as a guide for drilling holes together. Install brackets with screws. If only the package, probably you have to cancel your sheers or drapes so they hang straight without kinks. For sheers, set the iron on the lowest setting possible to avoid melting or burning pure material. Place the sheers on the rods by pushing the rod pocket at the top of the clean. Hang the sheers of the window (for pressure rod types) or brackets are installed.

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