Hallway Storage Cabinet for a Great Style of Halls


Hallway Storage Cabinet – All about the decoration of charming halls. Get inspired by our photographs of well-used corridors and stylish tricks to move to stylish halls. Get a magazine house with our ideas for the decoration of all kinds of corridors, from narrow corridors to long corridors. A bench, a console, a chest of drawers. If you have space, do not waste it and take advantage of it. Here we have opted for a unique chest of drawers that, in addition to decorating and giving color to the corridor, offers extra space to store.

Many floors do not have all the space that its residents need, but they have some corridor that has many meters. People who have many books at home end up putting shelves in the aisles, because there is no other place. My idea is to design hallway storage cabinet furniture that is aesthetically appropriate to be in the hall. And that serve to store objects such as brooms, mops, buckets, basins, cleaning products, clothing that is not used frequently, etc.

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For example, a cylinder hallway storage cabinet placed vertically, about 30 or 40 centimeters in diameter, with one or two doors in the front, would serve to keep a bucket with the mop. Another similar cylinder can serve to store a broom and a dustpan, another cylinder that has some shelves would serve as the cleaning products. You could put several equals in terms of the external shape, although different colors, along with a corridor, and it may be aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time solve a space problem.

Variations can also be had in terms of the external shape, a rectangular with a square or rectangular base, and vertical high walls used to protect a staircase, for example; and if you have a shelf, you could keep several suitcases and the shopping cart. The possibilities are endless.

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