Hallway Closet: Perfect Place for It!


Hallway closet – The corridor is a less controversial place in the house. But controversial in its most decorative sense, since its functionality is clear: move along our house. To be able to consider the decoration of a corridor, we have to take into account the space. Whether it is reduced or not, the option is to use corridor cabinets. Aisle cupboards are usually embedded within the wall itself. Other times, they are thin structures that we can use to store objects. Sometimes, the amount of objects that we store in our homes overflows and it is impossible to buy more furniture to store them. The corridors of our house can be the perfect place for it. An easy way, and very bohemian and stylish to take advantage of any free space.

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If our corridors are narrow, add cabinets for structured and large corridors, it would be crazy. However, within the trend of customizing our homes, wardrobes for built-in hallways are gaining followers. They are usually wooden cabinets, which depending on the treatment they receive will have one color or another. The hallway closet of white color, they contribute to any corner, a touch of sweetness that will attract the attention of everyone who passes by his side.

It does not matter the color of the wall of our hall. If we choose to put cabinets for corridors, we can complete them with small details that will visually make a difference. In matters of decoration you have to innovate, and we bring you some ideas: Wicker baskets: if your hallway closet is integrated in the wall, you can use the holes in the bottom to place colored wicker baskets to give it an original touch. Closet or bookstore? Leave half of a wall to place books and candles. In the other half place the cabinets. Decorating with style has never been so easy. If the closet doors are transparent, make interior curtains with flower fabric.

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