Great Teenage Girl Bedroom Sets


Teenage Girl Bedroom Sets – When young girls enter their teenage years, they are ready to say goodbye to their old princess themes and baby-doll bedroom and start to assert their independence. This is a time to consider bold and creative ideas for bedroom decorating, choosing a design that will not only make your teenager vibrate, but help her make a statement about her own tastes and personality. Create a 1960s design with the flower on the child and Woodstock posters, dyeing bedding and curtains hanging and plastic beads for the closet door. Add a smiley face rug and a light black color.

For a gothic teenage girl bedroom sets or medieval style, use wall paint and bedding colors such as red, burgundy, purple, blue, green, brown, gold and black. For furniture, use antique metal or wrought iron fixtures. You can also paint the walls with gothic arches, brick or imitation stone. Choose bedding with velvet or woven brocade and add a net canopy over the bed. A Moulin Rouge theme for older girls could include a range of colors red, pink, white, black and silver color with silk and satin fabrics, crystal chandeliers drop and beaded curtains. Use decorative applique with scented candles and posters Moulin Rouge.

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Teenage girl bedroom sets, create a tropical Hawaiian design or by using a mural painted or already made of a sunset, beach, palm tree, hula girls or dolphins. You can also try to palm stickers or cover the walls with bamboo wallpaper. If time and money are a problem, you just need to paint the walls blue and use prints or posters. Add accents like tropical silk flowers, garlands, novelty string lights and plush toy parrots hanging on hangers. A Safari room design could include animal foot prints, mosquito netting hanging around the bed, African artifacts, rustic wicker furniture, bamboo blinds, palm trees and fluffy feathers. For walls, use zebra stripes or leopard spots. Include some favorite stuffed animals such as lions or giraffes.

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