Great Ideas to Integrate Modern White Dresser in Bedroom


Modern white dresser – The toilet is, more than a piece of furniture, a space to preen, to give yourself a moment, to rest from the hustle and bustle of the day and succumb to your own face, discovering in our eyes the satisfaction of another day. In the morning it becomes an altar where we evoke the energy of a new day, and its mirror brings us back a face ready to go out and live. How necessary is the dresser and all its components that helps us keep our accessories of care, hygiene and beauty in order but also reflects and keeps us on our feet on Earth! If you do not have a dressing table in your bedroom, a good advice is to dedicate a space and install a good beauty niche: it is useful, comfortable, practical and inspiring.

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TheĀ  bedroom integrated modern details with elements a little more natural and rustic: the wardrobe is modern and light wood, clean and perfect design, while the modern white dresser is a piece of rustic wood, with worn finish and colorful drawers, and even some tree branches and birds decorate the background wall. In the large bedroom, a small mirror would not shine, therefore an enormous piece was placed whose reflections flood the room with light. In front of her, a classic style dresser is elegant and formal. This dresser, which also has an armchair for comfort, has features similar to a desk: drawers on the sides and a shelf below the surface

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But it works great as a dressing table, is perfect for organizing and, with the mirror in front, to get ready before leaving. This modern white dresser has the advantage of forming multipurpose furniture by having a tall cabinet for keeping clothes, accessories, towels or even hanging blouses. The base has drawers and a large moon in front, and the style is perfectly integrated into the design of the room. A cute space, inspiring and very welcoming.


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