Great Ideas Entryway Shelf


Entryway shelf – The corridor and the entrance hall are the first visual contact you have with the house. That is why it is advisable to consider its design, the colors used and the elements or ornaments included in them. If possible, it is convenient to achieve elegant and comfortable spaces by locating good quality objects that accompany the rest of the house in their decorative style. You can also incorporate plants, paintings, mirrors or whatever dictates imagination and good taste.  The shelves are a great solution to store and organize our things but they can also be a great decorative element if we know how to treat them properly. Next we are going to show you a few ideas so that you can order your house with style.

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If nothing else opens the door of your house all you have is a corridor and you cannot put any furniture in the hall, do as in this photo. A beautiful hanger is indispensable while at the same time decorating the empty entrance. If the door of your house leaves you room to place a piece of furniture. Well, choose a flirtatious but practical one, as in the photo. It is small yes, but with practical entryway shelf, next to this a very useful umbrella stands in the hall, and of course, a mirror on top of the furniture. This hall has everything necessary but in a size appropriate to the hall space.

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If you have a small entryway shelf, in which you can not fit a piece of furniture, it does not matter, it is totally dispensable. A few beautiful hangers to hang jackets, coats and others and a box on the floor to leave all the shoes is all that this precious little hall has without the need for furniture. On this occasion the hall is somewhat larger, but still remains a narrow receiver in which you have to make good use of space, and well here is not very well used as they have put two consoles without practically useless drawers.


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