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Buffet server table – A great unknown in many countries until relatively recently is the buffet. This way of offering food has been and is very popular in society parties and now it is also quite used in many hotels and restaurants -we suppose that by saving personnel costs, among other factors. The buffet can be described as a way of offering “intermediate” food between the food and the cocktail. Food composed of a variety of cold and hot foods, arranged at the same time on one or several tables, and usually offered in hotels and social events.

The buffet server table usually has two main modules: one where food and cutlery is provided -or only food-, generally, and another where drinks, glassware, crockery and napkins are placed. In many hotels and restaurants they have a central “island” where everything is arranged in a single block , usually in two or more heights. We must collect everything necessary (food, cutlery, dishes, etc.) “Circulating” around it, choosing the dishes we want. You should never fill the dishes too much , and it is better to get up to repeat the food that we liked more than to leave a lot of food on the plate for having served us too much.

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The buffet server table can be cold, hot or mixed (cold and hot dishes). The foods presented must be simple to serve and easy to eat. Surely not find in a “buffet ” snails, soups and dishes a little cumbersome to serve or transport. As a main feature, we can indicate that here it is allowed to serve several foods in one dish, although it is better to use one dish for each recipe. At the time of serving, we must use the cutlery that is in the sources , and we must not use our own cutlery.



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