Great Futon Bunk Bed Designs


Futon Bunk Bed Designs Рare ideal for a room shared by two people. For a person with a single room, turning a bunk bed frame into a loft bed opens up nearly 20 square feet of floor space. Conversion is more than pulling out of the bunk below. Bunk bed frames more depend on the lower berth to stabilize the structure. Cut the 10-foot board into four 30-inch boards. Sand the boards. The all four 30-inch boards and the 80-inch to match the bunk bed frame. If you cannot match the color exactly, consider a complementary color. Assemble the bunk bed according to the instructions that come with the kit. Although the details vary, most will require a screwdriver or a hex wrench. Skip steps for installing the lower berth structure.

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Adjust the 80-inch board against two legs of the structure along the part that will be attached to the wall. Lay it parallel to the floor and mattress, about half way between them. Screw it in place with two screws per connection point. Place a 30-inch diagonal board that attaches to the platform for the futon bunk bed designs mattress and a leg the same side as the 80-inch board. Screw it in place with two wood screws.

Lay a 30-inch dash diagonally, connecting the mattress platform and opposite leg on the same side as the first. Screw it in place with two wood screws. Set the remaining 30 inches together at the ends of the frame, one at each end. Attach each to one leg and the mattress platform. Screw in place with two wood screws. Cut any corner that protrudes above the level of the mattress platform. Add paint to any place you got scratched or stunned during construction. Place the futon bunk bed designs mattress in place.

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