Good Small Foyer Decorating Ideas


A small foyer decorating ideas does not mean you cannot create a dramatic and inviting statement. Many tips and tricks can help you create a more open space that offers a warm respite when in and out of the home. Tricks like placement of furniture and accessories, as well as color, visually open up a small foyer and prepare visitors for what’s beyond. Accenting a small foyer with a fresh bouquet of flowers is an affordable way to spice up the area without breaking the budget. A large vase placed over a foyer table adds height and interest to space. Flood a small foyer with light by hanging a mirror. Place the mirror directly in front of a window or door to reflect the light into the room and create the feeling of a larger surface. Mirrors hanging at the eye height also create a focal point to the space and provide a place to control hair and makeup when leaving home.

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Small foyer decorating ideas do not overwhelm the little foyer with a lot of small pieces of furniture. Rather find a larger piece to function as a functional and decorative accent in the room. For example, place an antique chest of drawers along one wall, e.g. under a staircase, to act as a message center in the foyer. This will be the space for keys, mail and other supplies you need when you get in and out of your home. A corkboard message center mounted over the clothes foyer table space with an area for sending messages. Decorative furniture as a single chair under a piece of wall art creates a small and yet inviting wine in the small foyer.

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Display parts of the drawing or photographs in the small foyer decorating ideas to create an inviting show in space and create a feel of home. Hang photos on the wall to save the space needed. Create a dramatic accent wall and drag your eye to the foyer through hanging photographs up a wall in the room. Use frames in different colors for an eclectic display or stick to a color for a uniform look. If the wall is limited, hang a trio of black and white photographs or small botanical patterns to create a decorative display with a small footprint.


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