Good Marble Tile Backsplash


Marble tile backsplash are a popular choice when it comes to rustic or old-fashioned backsplash ideas. Marble is literally tumbled to create a worn and uneven surface for an old world style. Tumbled marble tiles are as versatile as any ceramic tile and can be used for plain, patterned or mural designs. The only disadvantage of the porous marble is that it requires a sealant to end after installation. Give your kitchen or bathroom an aquatic look using tumbled marble tiles in different shades of blue. Use aqua blue, navy blue, baby blue, faded blue and light blue pieces to create backsplash. Install the small rectangle tiles in a random pattern. If backsplash is in the kitchen, add an aquatic mural over the oven. Use a fish-patterned mural with an aqueous background or a sailboat mural with a water and sky background.

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Combine broken black, white and red marble tile backsplash to create a bold backsplash for a kitchen or bathroom. Install slab of tiles in a random pattern with cream cement wrap to create backsplash. Line top and bottom of the backsplash area with thin, rounded, silver, metal rims. Use alternating light blue, white and yellow tumbled marble tiles to create a farmhouse-style backsplash for a kitchen or bathroom. Install medium square squares in a blue-white-blue-yellow pattern. Lace at the top and bottom of the backsplash in small rectangle, cobalt blue tiles. Add a small square, cobalt blue, outlined, tumbled marble tile mural of sunflower behind the stove or sink.

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Create a fancy, floral, kitchen backsplash with plain marble tile backsplash around counters and mural tiles behind the oven. Lace at the bottom of the backsplash with small rectangle, forest green tiles. Use large, square, jade green tiles to create backsplash around the counter and behind the oven. Use the forest green plate to outline a large square on the wall behind the oven. Fill square with a tumbled marble tile mural depicting a field of wild flowers under a blue sky.


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