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Entryway wall decor – When decorating our home, we usually think about how to decorate a living room , dining room , marriage room , children’s bedroom … Even bathroom , but who cares about corridors ? Well, it is a mistake not to decorate corridor that distributes rooms, as well as hall of our house. In this article of a How we explain some tips so you know how to decorate hallway. Normally it makes decoration difficult way they are, usually long and narrow. Problem of decoration is worse when our corridor is narrower than normal. Even so, there are tricks to give life to this area of home. It is very common that corridors and halls do not have natural light, so when decorating you will have to ensure that color of walls and decorative elements are clear and neutral to reflect maximum light they receive.

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Specifically you can paint entryway wall decor a white or very soft. Another option is horizontal stripes, in paint or paper, to give a feeling of spaciousness. Also, when lighting corridor, you can install a general lighting and place various points of light in certain places, such as on a painting or some other decorative object. You can see more here on how to choose type of lighting. In hallways and corridors it is recommended to place decorative objects and furniture that occupy little space, to avoid that space seems smaller than it already is.

Put mirrors, if they can be tall or elongated, so that your corridor seems wider. Place an elongated ceiling lamp with several spotlights directed towards entryway wall decor. Place pictures and pictures with photos and paradisiacal landscapes. Avoid putting furniture to avoid encountering obstacles every time we pass. If you have no choice but to place a piece of furniture in corridor, be original and place half of one if corridor is too narrow. You can find them in some furniture stores. If you cannot find them, be a little handy and try to do it yourself.

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