Good and Practical Narrow Hallway Decor


Narrow hallway decor РThe zones of passage of houses usually cause real headaches because they are irregular, dark and cold spaces. But, we can get a hallway decoration with a cozy effect following some guidelines and advice. Decoration of entrance or hall of our house is stay by which our visitors will have first and most important perception of our style and personality. But we cannot forget accesses to houses that do not have large spaces, because we will have to treat them differently: How to decorate entrances with shape of a corridor is possible with   most appropriate furniture for receivers.

To achieve a cozy effect with narrow hallway decor in first place, we must take into account, characteristics and dimensions of space. Options are multiple, since design of corridors admits to paint walls, to place wallpaper, to place friezes at half height, to hang different objects, to install moldings … all this to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Create modern corridors that contribute and continue with style and decoration of rest of rooms in house. Also, if space allows, place some furniture that allows us to store and order objects: shoe rack furniture and shelves are very appropriate. Remember that we should not hinder comfortable passage.

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Narrow hallway decor should not be painted with dark paintings that enhance shadows and give a cave feeling; instead use brighter light and bright colors such as light green, sky blue, white or similar shades. To achieve harmony in space and that is not too dull and boring, we can apply some combination of colors on walls. Painting is not only way to add colors; rather, there are hundreds of ways to do it. For example, place colorful boxes and if there is a window in this hall, hang curtains of colors or blinds that match other accessories.


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