Gold Curtains Living Room: Elegant Effect!


Gold curtains living room – The type of window, as well as the orientation of the room, are determining factors when choosing curtains. Keep the ratio between the amount of fabric you use and the length of the window and think how much sunshine and clarity comes in: Do you need thick or rather transparent curtains? Calculator in hand calculates the meters of fabric you need for your curtains: add 30 cm to the width of the window and then multiply the result by 2, 2, 5 or 3, depending on a curtain with more or less gathers.

In terms of lengths there are many trends. The most common is to add about 15 cm along the window. Without embago, if you like that the gold curtains living room drags like us, adds another 10 cm: this way they will lean on the floor. To achieve curtains with a nice fall, opt for “heavy” fabrics, such as thick linens, wild silks or chenillas. If you want to use fresh fabrics, choose canvas, cotton burlap or linen with silk. If the window does not allow large curtains and you want a practical and light solution, the blinds will be your best allies. You can put them foldable (with rods), packet (without rods) or Roman (with drape).

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To gain natural light, use gold curtains living room fabric color for the making of curtains. Its fabrics, light and vivid (thread, voile, open weave linen …), are perfect to let all sunlight. The large windows, the balcony doors and the bedroom windows are the best spaces to use combinations: curtains with curtains (the most classic option), or falls with blinds (more current). Think that the more you see a window, the more protagonism you will give, her and the views. The drawers are small pieces of wood or metal that, placed to a third of the curtain, creates an elegant effect of draping perfect to collect the curtains. They will always bring a classic and romantic touch.

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