Get Comfortable In Saddle Seat Bar Stool


Saddle seat bar stool – Finding in the bar of the bar so many stools available as guests we are in the group is almost an impossible mission that requires speed and astuteness to get us the first to be free. Objective achieved, the second reflex is to comment on how comfortable (or not) the stool is where we are sitting. And it is not possible to deny that in more than one occasion we will have been enamored with its design and comfort, while in others, we would have preferred to remain standing. Maximizing the available space is the primary objective that the furniture has to achieve within any bar.

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Hence, the chairs have passed their legacy to the stools as responsible for achieving such a task. As much or more comfortable than the first, the design of this furniture has evolved from the classic saddle seat bar stool and four legs, to others much more ergonomic and complex, going through those that combine and play with the different materials available.  The more discreet designs changed the wood for the metal and eliminated one of the four legs of the classic stools. Round seats lined with leather and cushioned material have been designed to delight those who drink half-day coffee or a glass of wine after work.

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And as in all simplicity is always allowed some other detail that makes a difference: in this case we refer to the scale of browns that, no matter what order they are placed, always draw the seats of the stools. A whole tribute to the beauty of simple forms. A stool with backrest, without more. It is all we need to enjoy the small pleasures of life. And is that as with the cushioned surfaces, any other that allows us to support the back will be as much or more appreciated. The saddle seat bar stool, in addition to offering comfort, have been lacquered in white to provide a tropical and Mediterranean air to the restaurant or bar where they are placed.

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