Gel Fireplace Insert Plan


Gel fireplace insert – DIY gel fuel chimneys are being considered by more and more owners who prefer not to have a gas, propane or electric wood-burning fireplace. Gel chimneys can produce the environment of gas and wood fireplaces without producing by-products, odors, vapors, fumes and ashes. The chimneys are available in a range of sizes and can be up and running in about an hour. Fuel gel fireplaces use a fuel made from a clear bio-based alcohol gel, which provides the flames with a realistic crackling sound. The fuel burn is odor free, clean and does not produce an odor. You can light a fuel tank from a small fire, or light up three cans at the same time for a larger fire. The average can of fuel burns around three hours. Fuel is place behind decorative cement trunks and lit. Partially used gel fuel containers can be used later.

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Each tank generates around 3000 British thermal units (BTU) of heat. A BTU is a measure of the heat output of an appliance. This type of fireplace is more efficient than gas or firewood places, because there is no heat lost up to the chimney flue. Most of the heat generated from the fuel gel chimneys is circulated in space. Research the variety of gel fireplace systems found in the market. You can choose between hardwood, painted wood, stainless steel and other materials. The fireplace comes in a variety of styles and can be wall-mounted or standalone. If you are short on space, choose among many of the corner models that are available. Gel fireplace insert is a great alternative if you are looking to add style and character to a room by taking a working fireplace back to life.

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Buy gel filler from the fireplace that will operate in an unventilated fireplace. Just close the smoke outlet of the existing chimney and put the gel fireplace insert in its place. This type of fireplace should be installed in a wood burning fireplace that has a fireproof interior. Another alternative is a steel combustion chamber that has a fire retardant interior. Since no ventilation, chimney, gas or electrical connections are required, you can set the fireplace up to virtually anywhere you choose without having to spend a lot of time or money.


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