Garden Planter Boxes to Redecorate a Fresh Feeling


Garden Planter Boxes – What woman does not like flowers or plants? Or if you are a man, it also counts. If you are a man or a woman and you are reading this, here we will give you ideas to decorate your home with the wooden planter boxes. Do not think that gardening is for women, you can water an idea for yourself to your partner she will thank you and also will be impacted.

We propose a simple and very decorative idea: make some planters with boxes of fruits. Do not miss the next gardening with the garden planter boxes section! It is increasingly common to see different elements that are used as garden boxes. In previous programs, we have seen ideas such as making boxes with sacks, using chandeliers as garden boxes, reusing balloons as hanging planters, etc.

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On this occasion, we propose a very simple but very decorative idea. The idea is to use old fruit wooden boxes as a container for planting spring plants. In this way, we will achieve a different spring composition, original and very showy. To create these planters, the first thing is to choose the type of fruit box. Nowadays, plastic ones are used a lot, but since old wooden ones are more decorative, we are going to use a couple of boxes of this type.

As the planting will be done inside the box, we will place the anti-grass mesh in the base and in two laterals, and the other two laterals, two pieces of artificial grass. Thanks to the artificial grass we will achieve an aesthetic point more in the composition. To fix all this, we will use a stapler. Once we have the garden planter boxes ready, it will be enough to introduce substrate and choose the plants we want. In our case, we are going to decant with early spring plants. Specifically, we will use some primroses, primroses or flowers of San José, cineraria, some daffodils and some marigolds. Thanks to these plants we will bring a few brush strokes of color to the floral composition.

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