Futon Mattress Cover Ideas


Futon Mattress Cover – They have a great futon that you want to use as a sofa and an extra bed. The only problem is that the cover on the mattress is stained, broken or simply hopelessly outdated. With a few materials and simple sewing techniques, you can remove the Futon hiding place and re-circulate it. And if someone wants you to think you bought a new, let them think. Only you need to know the truth. Read on to learn how to create a futon cover. Remove your futon and place it in the middle of the floor. Make sure you reach all four sides of the mattress.

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Working with the tape measure, first measures the length of the futon mattress cover. Write down your numbers. Measure the width of the mattress below. Write down your numbers. Now measure the height (or thickness as known) of the mattress. Turn inch measurements in meters. Remember that 36 inches (91.44 cm) to a court equal. With converted measurements, purchasing the amount of fabric you need, as well as needles and thread, and the ties you have chosen to use for the project.

Wash the fabric before starting to sew. These adjust to prevent the colors and complete recovery of the lid. Make sure that you follow the correct cleaning procedures for the type of tissue you are following. Allows to completely drying the fabric. Place the fabric on the floor. You may initially like a sheet, blanket, or any other type of shelter. Straighten it and make sure it is completely flat. Place the futon mattress cover on top of the fabric so that all four sides are equidistant from the edges of the fabric. Use your tape measure to make sure. Fold the fabric and hold it with pins or adhesive tape on the mattress. Do not be addressed with pins or tape as you turn the mattress to check the seat.

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