Futon Cheap Structure Ideas


Futon Cheap – As with any type of wood furniture, stain finish of your wooden futon structure will wear out over time, which can cause your frame to lose its original shine. Finishing the frame will give you a fresh look for the decoration of your home. Wood paint is a desirable goal for wood furniture because it enhances the color and characteristics of the original wood. A certain amount of preparation work is involved before you can actually spot the frame. Remove the futon mattress from the structure. Disassemble in your individual parts. This involves removing the screws and the retaining bolts from the arm rests and spring support for the main body of the structure. Store all removed screws, screws, and hardware in a safe place.

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Relocate the dismantled futon cheap frame for a large work area, preferably a garage or outdoor area if the weather is dry. Place a large canvas, canvas or drop cloth that you do not mind getting dirty. Place all the individual pieces of the futon into the drop cloths separated from each other. Sand the previous finish of each frame part with light grain sandpaper. If you want to use an electric sander, be sure to keep it in the lowest position possible to avoid scratching or scratching the surface of each frame piece. Wipe off excess sand particles from each piece with a dry cloth.

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Purchase wood stain from your local hardware store. Check the instructions of the wood stain on the label, which will cover to blend the dye, how many layers to apply to various types of wood. Apply the first layer to each frame part with a foam stain brush. Allow the layer to dry and apply any additional layers as the stain label directs. Reassemble the futon cheap structure after the stain has completely dried.


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