Furniture Arrangement for Decorating a Long Living Room or Family Rooms


Decorating A Long Living Room – One of the most important things to consider when determining the placement of furniture in the living room or living room is to determine the focal point of the room. The first thing to note is the architectural focal point that will be a window, a fireplace, a main door like a French door or a sliding glass door. You can also create focal points with large and large furniture such as entertainment centers. Once you decide on your focal point, everything in the room will be placed based on the focal point.

In this article we will provide information about decorating a long living room. Now the greatest furniture should be placed opposite your focal point. This can be placed at an angle especially if there is a corner on the wall or ceiling. You do not have to put furniture on the wall unless the room is very small. Actually, putting furniture away from walls tends to make the room feel bigger. From this point everything in the room needs to be placed in accordance with the placement of the first furniture and parallel to this first piece.

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Usually the biggest furniture is a sofa and the next part is a love seat or a big chair that needs to be placed in the right corner with a sofa to form the shape of “L”. Other chairs need to be placed diagonally across this grouping but at right angles to the sofa. In this way, the seating is arranged in an easy-to-use conversation area. If the room is very long, more than the conversation area can be made. Once the seat is set up the end table and the coffee table can be placed accordingly, usually with a table between the end of the sofa and the seat or love seat and the other end table among the other chairs in the room.

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The coffee table should be placed in front of the sofa with enough space to comfortably walk between the sofa and the table. Be sure to leave enough room to walk through the room, but do not go right through. There should be more zigzag traffic patterns, through the entire room, but all tables should be easily accessible from the seating furniture so that drinks can be placed on it and easily accessible without having to get up. That’s the article about decorating a long living room that we can tell you everything.



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