Furnishing Living Room Table Decor


Living room table decor – The living room table will be your loyal companion for the most joyous family dinners. For tea with friends, for card games with relatives and for children’s tasks. Choosing your living room tables depends not only on the peculiarities of your home’s furniture style. But also on the space you have available. For this reason, if you are dealing with a small sized living room, you could point to an extensible table. Which can become even bigger with the insertion of the inverters under the shelf? The colors are also important.

White-colored living tables, for example, will light up the environment and make it more airy. While darker colors will have a more elegant and refined character. Of course, along with the couch and armchair, the living room table decor is the most important furnishing accessories of this part of the home. And as such, they should be placed in a prominent position, taking into account the need to leave the right space for the chairs. As far as size is concerned, it is believed that the best height is about 70 cm, 25 cm more than the chairs.

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The width, on the other hand, should be no less than 80 cm. taking into account that every diner should be able to count at least 60 cm. The living room table decor can then be illuminated. A lamp at the center will provide the possibility of using the light that you need. It is up to you to decide whether to opt for round, square or rectangular living room table decor. The former tend to occupy more space than the others. But have the advantage of placing the various diners in the same hierarchical position without any capotavola. A compromise solution might be to point on oval shaped tables, a roundabout between the round and rectangular ones.

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