Funky Bedroom Ideas with Novelty String Lights


Novelty string lights – When young girls set their teens, they are ready to say goodbye to their old princess and baby-doll bedroom themes and start claiming their independence. This is a time to consider bold and creative ideas for bedroom decor, to choose a design that not only tensions your teen girl but help her express herself about her own taste and personality.


Design a Hollywood theme with pink or peach color with contrasting black accents or a film-scrolling border around the room. Add gold, silver and mirrored furniture or decorate existing furniture with jewels, rhinestone, glitter, crystal buds and handles. For fabrics, add shimmering accents like sequins and velvet. Use different sizes of gold stars as accents on walls, furniture or accessories. You can also create a Hollywood dressing room mirror with novelty string lights attached to a plywood frame. Create a design entirely of dots and circles. These can be multicolored or choose some colors like red, black and white or pink and orange. Mix and match large and small floating dots in each direction. Transfer the theme to the bedding, carpets, curtains, and lampshades. Use round chairs and ottomans.

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International themes

Create a Hawaiian or tropical design with a painted or finished mural of a sunset, beach, palm trees, tike hut, hula girls or dolphins. You can also try palm tree stickers or cover the walls with bamboo wallpaper. If time and money is a problem, just paint the walls blue and use prints or posters. Add accents like tropical flowers silk, leis, novelty string lights and quilt toy parrots hanging on the pegs. For a Moroccan / “I dream of Jeannie” style, use bright tones of pink, red, orange, blue and purple. Add a ring roof over your head to the bed and several panels of different colored fine cloth curtains for the windows. On the walls, paint a Moroccan mural design or use willies. Do not forget about the genius lamp.

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