Fun Ideas Kids Bedroom Sets for Girls


Kids Bedroom Sets for Girls – Fluttering Butterflies are a favorite of many young girls. Buy lots of new accessories can be expensive, so instead, they function itself. Armed with a glue gun and some cheap supplies from your local craft store, you can create a butterfly bedroom that your daughter will be proud to show off to their friends. If you can paint, paint a butterfly motif or pattern on the walls. Or try a mural that butterflies resting on flowering bushes, flying through a meadow or spread their colorful wings on a tree branch. Paint murals on all the walls, on one accent wall or a large butterfly on an accent wall. Or, just paint the walls shades that complement the colors of the butterflies in the same room accents

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Make all the furniture in the kids bedroom sets for girls fit the theme by placing butterflies on them. This project is a fun that kids can help you make. Use her favorite color of paint and some stencils. Attach the butterfly stickers to fronts or decoupage pictures of butterflies cut from books and journals on Bede’s headboard. These techniques not only look proper but are another way to streamline the appearance of mismatched pieces.

The fabrics to use in the kids bedroom sets for girls are another way to easily integrate the theme. If you are handy with a sewing machine, buy a few meters butterfly patterned fabrics, and make a butterfly bedding and curtain set. Or, purchase a standard set, and uses a large butterfly stencil and colorful fabric paint on it. Use smaller stencils on other items in the room, such as a rug and a lamp shade, to make them fit with butterfly theme.  Give your daughter craft paper and crayons. Ask her to draw pictures of butterflies on a number of pages and color them with their favorite colors. When she is ready, place the butterfly images in frames and hang them on her bedroom walls for some whimsical art.

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