Full Size Platform Bed with MDF


Full Size Platform Bed – A good platform bed provides more support than old mattresses or frame rampant beds. While a hard deck of bed wood, already made, could cost $ 1,000 or more, you can create your own rugged platform with no more than a medium density fiberboard (MDF) screwdriver 4 sides 2 to 1. The bed of the platform you should build the same size as your mattress or just a little bigger. The instructions are for building a platform king size bed with MDF. If you want to build a smaller platform, measure your mattress or check the diagram mattress size in the Resources section and adjust the size of your project accordingly.

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Measure your mattress or refer to the size table mattresses in the resources section. Place two boards 2 by 4 inches, parallel to each other, at 76 inches apart. Place the two other plates between the first two plates to form a box, measuring 76 inches by 80 inches. Using the cordless screwdriver, place two screws, each about half of the board 2 through 4 boards at each corner. This creates a solid box frame for your full size platform bed. Chock of the two plates 72 inches long in the frame supporting the cross beam. They should be parallel to the shorter side of the box and whose 4-inch sides should run perpendicular to the floor. If you cut precision plates, they should not be used in the box easily.

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Screw two wood screws through the housing and each end of each bolt holder. Place the MDF sheet on the full size platform bed frame that you created. If you were accurate in the cutting direction, the edges should be aligned. If it is not possible to obtain a plate of MDF 76 to 80 inches, two sheets can be used. For example, the top of the platform can always cover evenly, without gaps, using two sets of MDF 76 inches next to each other.


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