Full Size Girl Bedroom Sets Design


Full Size Girl Bedroom Sets – As a little girl becomes a teenager, should her bedroom furnishings reflect her mature flavor with a youthful even more sophisticated look. With her wardrobe and accessories are constantly increasing, and the need for space to relax, study and entertain, you will need to consider all the possible features of the room may need to serve and provide plenty of space. Even a small bedroom can be converted to a luxury suite for a teen girl with a little imagination and practical solutions to maximize the room’s potential.

Full size girl bedroom sets, measure the room and make a map scale on graph paper in which 1 square foot is equal to 1 square inch on paper. Measure the room and make a scale map on graph paper, where a square is equal to a square inch of paper. Select the doors and windows. Measure the existing furniture. Cut out small paper forms to scale the width and length of the furniture. For example, if your child’s dresser is 2 feet long and 3 feet wide, cut a 2-by-3-inch rectangle on your scale map. Ignore the height of the furniture now. Move the pieces of paper furniture shapes around the map to determine the best layout. Decide if you need to remove or replace any of the current pieces.

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Buy new furniture, if needed. Select fewer but larger chunks to keep the full size girl bedroom sets from looking cluttered. Look for pieces that take up wall height space, but the minimum floor space, such as an armoire, long dresser or floor-to-ceiling bookcase. If you are not sure how furniture fit, cut a small-scale form of it and try it on the map before you buy it. Bright colors brighten up a small space and make it feel better, but do not rule out dark colors if your teen tastes. Dark colors make the room feel cozy, but keep it from overpowering the room. Paint the walls a single color and the ceiling in the same color but 2-3 shades lighter. A neutral floor as hard or neutral color carpet will help the room feel more grounded and keep the sophisticated rather than childish.

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