Full Size Futon Cover Design


Full Size Futon Cover – Protect yourself by making futon mattresses, a futon covers two sheets at a comfortable pressure. The leaves wear well, in many colors and fun prints and create a cheap jazz bag for a dirty or dark futon mattress. Choose 100 percent cotton to get the best results in futon coverage. Cotton jersey and satin sheets do not work well for this project. A futon cotton linen blanket is easy to wash, so the futon always looks clean. Wear the seam of all sheep and roll the fabric. Wash the dishes in hot water and machine at any removal to remove the fabric. Place the blade on a flat surface.

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Measure the length, height and width of the full size futon cover mattress. Add the length and width at the same time add and add 2 inches for the width of the cut sheet added. Select this cut measurement on both sheets with a pin and along the line. To measure height and length and add 4 inches to make a stop. Select this cut measurement on both sheets with a pin and along the line. You now have two pieces cut slightly larger than the mat on the futon mattress.

Full size futon cover, fold 1/4 inch of the fabric on the wrong side of the width of the first sheet. Press a hot iron to hold. Bend another 1 inch to make a sleeve and press, to hold. Sew near the bottom edge of an inch of time to hold the hem in place. Cut a hook piece and close the eyes over the length of the width measurement by less than 5 inches. This cutting part in three equal lengths. Hook straps and eyes separate. Pull the hook strap evenly over the wrong side of the 1 inch cap that begins 1 1/4 inch from the edge. Place the second sheet at the first and the eyes fixed on the right side of a thumb joint, so that they are stretched with the first sheet.

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