Full Futon Mattress Ideas


Full Futon Mattress – A futon is two pieces of furniture in one, which serves as both a sofa and a bed. The low cost and versatility of the futon make it a popular choice for college students as well as homeowners. The type of mattress you buy for your futon can drastically affect the comfort and ease of use of your futon as well as the time that will last. Choosing a mattress for your futon is a decision that must be made carefully after weighing all the factors. Decide how the futon will be used. A futon that will be placed in a room and used only occasionally will not require an expensive or high-end mattress. A futon that is regularly used as a sofa, bed or both should be given a higher quality mattress for comfort and durability.

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Look at the thickness of the full futon mattress. The minimum thickness for a futon mattress should be 6 inches. A thicker mattress will last longer, as solidly packaged filler will take longer to decompose. Thicker mattresses also tend to support better body weight, making for a more comfortable sleep. Look for a thicker mattress for a futon that is mainly used as a bed. Thick mattresses are also heavier and bulky to move around, something that should be considered when buying a mattress for a futon that converts from the bed to the couch regularly.

Discover how the full futon mattress was put together. A built-in bench mattress was hand assembled and means the mattress is likely to be of better quality than one mounted by a machine. A single worker making a mattress will pay more attention to detail and account for errors that cannot be trapped in an alternate environment. Discover what’s inside the mattress. Mattresses constructed of 100 percent cotton are cheaper, but they tend to be less comfortable and are not held with regular use for an extended period of time, as cotton tends to separate and ball. A cotton mattress with a foam core will still be relatively inexpensive, but the foam core adds softness, while allowing the mattress to maintain its shape over a longer period of time. Mattresses made of a cotton and polyester blend are even softer and more durable. The higher the percentage of polyester cotton compared to the mattress, the softer mattress will be, and the longer it will last. The most comfortable futon mattress is the internal spring mattress, although it is also more expensive.

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