Front Porch Chairs Set for a Great American Style


Front Porch Chairs – We all like porches: the lucky ones who have one, and also the common mortals. It is always a pleasure to see those well-decorated porches that appear in magazines. So today we will enjoy these ideas, suggested by great American interior designers. Because porches in North America are a tradition. The truth is that relaxing in the afternoon in the rocking chair or the porch armchair, with a cool drink and good company, is wonderful. And if our porch is well decorated, then the environment is perfect. Let’s review some proposals of front porch chairs and its complement.

The first combines an Adirondack-style wooden bench, an American classic, with recovered furniture. The bench has been painted white and stands out in front of the old coffee table and the dark green rocking chair. Combining wooden furniture in different finishes, as you see, is a fantastic idea. On these lines, two proposals for white porches: a red bench (the one in the photo on the left, aged metal, is a real wonder) and another in the fashionable tone, the aquamarine green. It is essential to place many patterned cushions and also large planters. The cubes metal galvanized or enameled are very good for plants.

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These two environments have fallen in love with me because of the front porch chairs that have been used in them. On the left, the porch has been furnished with African chairs made from recycled oil cans. You can paint yours in a similar way, with metallic paints and make letters with templates. In the photo on the right, American hanging chairs from the 30s. Folding type, they are wonderful. And, really, very difficult to find. Try to give an air similar to your porch with the typical wooden scissor chairs, painted in turquoise blue and sanded for a worn look.


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