Foyer Table Decor Ideas


Foyer table decor – Foyers are sometimes the forgotten place in a home, often considered something more than a hall leading to the front door. We do not spend much time in a lobby, but furniture in this room should be versatile and work well for an active lifestyle. By placing an attractive foyer table or accent chest, a large mirror and the right pair of lamps, any foyer can multiply the day and turn into a dramatic first impression of the night. Instructions

Allow the door swing clearance and an electrical source of the lamps when they plan the placement of your foyer table decor. Use a tape measure to find the midpoint of the wall or section of the wall and measure space to determine the maximum and minimum size options for your foyer table. A good height is between 29 to 32 inches, and the depth from the wall should average between 12 and 24 inches depending on clearance. If your foyer is large enough to accommodate a bomb or accent chest of drawers, one of these will add additional storage space. Select a mirror that matches the overall width of your table and is high enough to reflect people of average height. Rectangular, round, vaulted and oval mirrors can all be treated in a lobby. Accents such as gold or hand painted finish on mirror frames can add character to the group. Undefined slant-slight mirrors add understated elegance.

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Place lamps in your foyer table decor that are higher than standard table lamps and have compact shades. These are often called buffet or lobby table lamps. Experiment with different base finishes and lampshades to achieve a wide range of looks. Using patterned, colored or dark shades will add a dramatic flair to the foyer. Place the two buffet lamps at both ends of the tabletop. Low-watt bulbs are often used in the foyer lamps to provide soft, surrounding light throughout the evening. Depending on the width of the mirror, you may wish to place the lamps directly in front of reflecting their light.

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