Foyer Lantern Chandelier Ideas


Foyer lantern chandelier – Create a fantastic first impression by updating the first luminaire that your guests will see when entering your home one in the foyer. Too often the fixture in this area is either boring or dated. Installing a new fixture is a relatively simple do-it-yourself project that will immediately affect the space. Consider replacing a regular fixture for a sparkling mini chandelier, or go more modern with a fixture containing an elegant drum shade. If you live in an older home, this is also a perfect opportunity to incorporate a fixture that enhances your space’s unique style.

Ideas for install foyer lantern chandelier turn off the power to the foyer at the main electrical panel. Remove the old fixture. Depending on the style of the existing fixture, you may need to remove the glass dome or the world to screw the base. Remove the screws that secure the fixture to the rib in the cabinet and lower the fixture. Do not disconnect the fixture until the power is turned off. Make sure the power to the foyer is turned off by testing the wires. Turn the wall switch on and move the tip of your touch-free voltage detector near the wires. If your tester lights up and indicates that electricity still reaches the threads, go back and turn the right switch in your cabinet.

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Then to install foyer lantern chandelier, disconnect the cables from the existing fixture and leave the other wires tucked up in the cabinet. Set the old fixture aside. Turn on the power again on the switch box. Test the red or colored thread with your touch-free tension probe. Use the neon voltage tester by touching cables to this tool between the hot wire and the metal louver, or between the hot wire and the insulated copper ground wire. Turn off the power to the foyer again before proceeding. Turn off the power switch. Preassemble some parts of your new fixture if necessary. Adjust the length of the chain to hang fixtures.

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