Foyer Bench with Storage Ideas


Foyer bench with storage – Perhaps you’ve been thinking of making a storage bench for your lobby, but get back from idea because it seems to be too much work. Fortunately, you can make a beautiful storage bench using stock kitchen cabinets, which is much less work than you might imagine. You do not even need to cut your cabinets to size when using over-the-fridge cabinets are shorter and thus the perfect size for a bench already.

Foyer bench with storage ideas, power consumption in your standby three cabinets in a row, with doors all facing the same way. Apply wood glue to the sides of the middle cabinet, then press the other two stuck on the sides to get together around the three cabinets. Paint two planks of 36-inch 2-of-12 timber in the same color as the cabinets and allow them to dry. Lay one of the painted planks flat on your work surface and place the three cabinets on top. Timber should be flush all the way around with the bottom of the cabinets. The dividing cabinets that they empty the plank with a 1 1/2 inch screw through each corner of the cabinet base in the timber plank.

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Put the remaining timber on the top of the three cabinets and securely in place as you did in the base shelf, with screws through corners of the top of the cabinets. Put the cabinet in the foyer. Sitting a 12 x 36 inch box pillow on top to end foyer bench with storage. And then if you cannot get 12-of-12-of-15 inch refrigerator freezers, adjust the size of the top and bottom pieces of timber that fits the dimensions of the fridge freezers you have. If you want to make your bench a bit daring, make the top and bottom planks about an inch bigger than the dimensions of the closets and use a router to cut a design at the edges.

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