Firewood Storage Rack Ideas


Firewood storage rack provides a place to store a large amount of firewood in a garage, porch, basement or backyard. A wood-burning rack is easy to make from the lumberyard and is cheaper than buying one. This design can be made larger or smaller to fit any area, and can even be made small enough to keep some records so it can fit next to a fireplace. Cut two pieces of 21×4 2×4 wood. Stand two 2×4 of 8 feet on the side of 2 inches and parallel, 21 inches apart from each other. Align the 21-inch pieces with the ends of the 8-foot pieces to make a rectangle with the 4-inch side of the 2×4’s facing outward. Apply the wood glue and drill two 3-inch wood screws in each corner. Cut two pieces of 2×6 and 2×2 six to 21 inches. Place the 2×6 pieces on top of the rectangle base of stage 1, with a 2×6 on each edge. Space the 21-inch pieces evenly on top of the base, so rectangle.

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Ideas for make firewood storage rack, attach the 2×2 pieces from stage 2 to the rectangle base with wood glue and a wooden screw at each end. Join the 2×6 pieces, covering all mating areas of wood with wood glue, and install a wood screw every 2 inches. Cut four pieces of 2×4 to 48 inches and eight more 2x2s to 21 inches. Place the 4-inch side of the 48-inch 2×4 vertically to the 21-inch confines of the rectangular base, two on each side with one at each corner, using wood glue and wood screws. The wood shelf should be U-shaped.

Then to make firewood storage rack, place four 2x2s evenly spaced on each of the vertical sides in the same way that you connected the 2x2s to the base of the rectangle. Cut two squares off the 12-inch plywood board, and then cut them in half at the corners to make four right-angled 12-inch triangles. Squeeze the wood glue into the four corners, where the vertical 2x4s attach to the base of the rectangle and press the triangle against the surface, then fix it with wood screws every two inches. The triangles add support to the vertical sides to prevent them from falling.

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