Faux Brick Siding in Beautiful Color


Faux brick siding – As you will know, clay brick is one of the oldest materials used in construction, it is a very noble material and with it walls and walls can be built, which with a good design are even structural elements that support the load of certain covers. In the current decoration you can find in the construction market, clay tablets, with the color and texture of the original bricks; being the same width and length but much finer, which are being used for wall cladding, giving the appearance of being a wall built with the original brick. In the decoration this type of coating gives a touch of elegant rusticity to the room, in our gallery picture you can see that beautiful color highlights the details of pictures and photos that have been placed.

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You can find a type of faux brick siding with the typical color of a brick that has remained outside under sun and rain, darkening its surface. In this type of tablet recreates these typical colors of the humidity and the years. The placement of these boards, with different thicknesses and position, some more out of the plane of the wall than others, give a very special texture, which with the lighting is accentuated in the coated wall.

The faux brick siding wall covered with the typical burnt red color of the clay contrasts with the navy blue that has the room, on the adjoining wall and the furniture behind the sofa. The game of colors that is made with these materials, in walls and floors, is a detail of the decoration that has to be exploited. In the kitchen the texture of the wall, covered with clapboard, is a detail according to the style that has been used in the decoration of this room, it has been painted white, highlighting the dark colors of the furniture and the natural wood of the top from the kitchen.

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