Exclusive Japanese Room Divider


Japanese room divider – When I came across the first image that accompanies this article that was enough to inspire me to make this entry about practical ideas of room dividers that help us create new spaces and divide areas within a room. Room dividers can be a very useful resource to generate some privacy in a room and also in small spaces . The room dividers, for example screens, also allow that within the same room the space can be visually separated, giving rise to more and new areas. As it can happen in rooms of ample dimensions in which it is desired to divide the space in several zones that way could be given more uses to the same room.

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Sometimes, it is almost necessary to create more spaces and divide environments, as in the case of small spaces. Also in houses with an open plan, such as lofts , open spaces or studio buildings. There are many situations, in which environments need to be divided , and alternatives to carry out this separation of space will also be different. As I said, there are different possibilities to create Japanese room divider, which not only fulfill their function of separating a space, but also are very decorative.

The light passes from one side to the other without problems. But in the next image, as it is a wall, the division is more marked, and only allows the luminosity to flow between one area and another by the highest part of the wall, since it is a wall at half height that does not reach to the roof.  A modern option, some japanese room divider panel curtains , that give some privacy to the area of ​​the bedroom and delimit it. At the same time, if they are small spaces, they are a good alternative.

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