Entryway Table Decor Ideas


Entryway table decor – Formica is a type of laminate, a synthetic material that can be made to look natural stone or wood. Laminate worktops and table tops are cheaper than these natural surfaces, and that’s why you find this product in many homes. Formica, like other laminates, is waterproof and can be for a long time if properly cared for. Clean Formica slices frequently to keep dirt from landing. Dirt of these surfaces may cause stains or scratches.

You need:

Clean tablecloths. Water. Baking Soda. Liquid detergent. Soft mushrooms. Towels. Wipe dust and crumbs from the Formica entryway table decor with a soft cloth. When removed, shake off the cloth and dampen it with water. Sprinkle baking soda on a damp cloth. Rub this very gently over all colored or hard-smudged areas of the table top. There is no need to rinse it yet. Abrasives are generally not recommended for Formica and other laminate surfaces. However, you can use dampened baking powder, which is mildly abrasive, to remove stains. Soak a soft sponge in lukewarm running water. Twist it and apply a teaspoon of liquid detergent to the sponge, or directly onto the table top.

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Scrub the table one section at a time. In between sections, rinse the sponge and add a drop of detergent to it if the sponge becomes very dirty. Rinse the table with a clean sponge or towel soaked in clean water. Rinse thoroughly to avoid misty residual product or stickiness from detergent. Wipe the table immediately with clean towels. Polishing it dry with towels prevents stripes and stains from water.

Tips and warnings

If your sponge keeps in dirt and gravel even after rinsing, get a new sponge to finish cleaning the entryway table decor. Rub Formica or laminate with dirty, dirty sponges repair them. Never scrub Formica worktops with steel wool or abrasive cleaners.

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