Entryway Decor Ideas and Tips


Entryway decor ideas – Decorating the entryway very often is not a practice which is reserved for the care and attention it deserves. As it is often considered only as a transition environment, a simple link between inside and outside. Of course, this is the less lived environment of the home, but at the same time fulfills one of the most important functions of the home: the welcome. It is the first environment that our guests meet. And where they will begin to get an idea of the whole house and its inhabitants. But even more important is the place that welcomes us after an intense day out. You should never forget that furniture placed at the entryway must harmoniously converse with the rest of the furnishings.

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After reviewing all the indispensable pieces of furniture in an entry, we see how to choose them according to the style of other environments. The classic style is definitely ideal for giving a touch of elegance and sophistication. In classical entryway decor ideas you cannot miss a walnut or cherry wood console embellished with decorations and inlays. Generally, the console is matched with a mirror decorated with gold, silver or copper colors. While the ideal coat-rack for a classic style is that of wood-based or wrought iron combined with an umbrella stand of the same material.

A touch of great effect can be given by adding a precious wooden chest, a dark-colored carpet and a beautiful floor lamp. While the country style is not only perfect for country homes. But also for those who live in the city and want to try to recreate simple and less frantic atmospheres. The materials you cannot miss are definitely wrought iron, floral fabrics and solid wood. In this case the console and the mirror will be light wood while the iron padlocks. In country-style entryway decor ideas you can also find a wooden sofa and a small round coffee table.

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