Entranceway Furniture: Which One is Your Favorite?


Entranceway furniture – This is an entrance full of luxuries, its scale is provided with the size of the house and the style. The marble flooring has been designed taking into account the design of the large central lampadario that rests on the round table. The lights bounce off the crystalline pavement, radiating into various directions. The double entrance door is also to scale with this special anteroom. Converting our entry into a portal to another space can be a pretty fun design exercise.  They took this space and converted it into a new environment of the house; they designed the pavement with cement paving stones that draw a kind of carpet on the floor. They also created very special wooden furniture that gives the space a lot of style.

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It is possible to take advantage of the entranceway furniture to our house to organize the service spaces, in this case the staircase is placed laterally to the access door, below this staircase we can take advantage of the highest space to place below the bathroom we visit and the Lower spaces can be used as closets to store coats, purses and shoes. Lighting is very important in this type of spaces because they usually lack natural light and are very dark. In this case a line of recessed luminaries was raised on the ceiling and a series of wall fixtures intercalated between one wall and another. There are many ways to illuminate runners.

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The door is an important part of entranceway furniture. Having a beautiful door is the first step to creating a great first impression. Taking time and designing the antechamber of a house will be worth it, in the end it is a space that you will spend every time you get home and that will comfort you every time. It will give your guests a special feeling when you first enter your home and help you organize your home better.



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